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Work at an altitude is inseparably associated with the risks inherent in the specificity of this work – fall from the heights. It is possible to mitigate this risk through the use of organizational and technical measures, as well as compliance with formal and legal requirements defining safe conditions for performing such work.

There are regulations that impose obligations on those responsible for organizing and conducting such activities. Also, be sure to follow commonly accepted good habits and safety standards. However, the most important factor in reducing workplace hazards is direct supervision of employees by a competent risk-aware person that has the necessary knowledge to perform work safely.

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Below is the first edition of the information brochure for the working conditions Supervision Services. Click on the image to download the brochure in PDF version.


OTDL brings together employees and entrepreneurs that use rope access technology. The purpose of the Organization's activities is to improve the safety of work at height, to increase the prestige of the profession, to develop new work at height regulations and to formulate rules of professional ethics.

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